Notice of date of commencement of period for the exercise of Electors rights



Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017

The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015 no.234)
The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014

1. Date of Announcement: 26th June 2017

2. Sections 26 and 27 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 provide for:

  • Any person interested may inspect and make copies of the Annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts etc relating to them. For the year ending 31st March 2017 these documents will be available during the period specified in paragraph 4 on reasonable notice on application to the person in paragraph 3 below.
  • Questions and objections to the external auditor: Local Government electors and their representatives have rights to:
    • Question the auditor about the accounting records: and
    • Object to the accounts or any item in them. Written notice of an objection must be given to the external auditor and a copy sent to the Authority. Objections must concern a matter of which the external auditor could make a public interest report or apply for a declaration than an item of account is unlawful.

The auditor can be contacted at the address in paragraph 5 below for this purpose.

3. Persons to which you can apply to inspect the accounts
Sarah Pearse
Responsible Financial Officer
Weston super Mare Town Council
Grove House
Grove Park
Weston super Mare, BS23 2QJ

Tel No: 01934 632575, Email:

4. Any rights of inspection, objection, and questioning of the auditor may only be exercised within a single period of 30 working days: (Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, Regulation 15 (1)

Commencing on 27th June 2017
And ending on 7th August 2017

5. Your appointed auditor is:
Barrie Morris, Grant Thornton UK LLP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Telephone: 0117 305 7600

For more information detailed guidance on electors rights and the special powers of auditors, copies of the publication Council Accounts – A Guide to Rights are available from the National Audit Office website.

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