Parking Enforcement discussed at Town Council

Parking enforcement by North Somerset Council was discussed by Weston Town Councillors at last night’s Town Council meeting and the following resolutions were made:

“This council expresses its deep concern over comments made by residents regarding overzealous on-street parking enforcement in the town and its potential effect on business and tourism. The Town Council insists, that along with residents, both should be part of the review being undertaken by North Somerset Council into parking restrictions and on-street parking enforcement policies and practices”


“This council notes that North Somerset Council has radically changed the parking culture in the town centre with the introduction of on-street charging and the Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) scheme”

“We remain concerned that while the positive benefits of these new arrangements have been largely aimed at businesses, the needs of residents who live in the town centre and those who live a short distance outside continue to be overlooked. The lack of provision for these residents has resulted in significant parking difficulties for them”.

“We therefore call on North Somerset Council to review these arrangements as a matter of urgency, and to give consideration to:

The introduction of a free parking scheme for residents through Residents ‘Parking Zones (RPZ) in strategic places in residential streets close to the town centre.

The creation of more parking spaces, both off-street by identifying unused land that can be brought into use, and on-street by reviewing parking restrictions and yellow lines and that a park and ride scheme should be implemented immediately to relieve congestion in residential areas.

Reducing charges for the town centre parking to encourage motorists accessing the town centre, with at least 30 minutes free parking, and Seafront to park in designated car parking places, rather than in residential streets, however the introduction of free residents parking should be given priority”.

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