RNLI Lifeboat Crew join doggy paddle off Brean Down

Weston Super Mare volunteer Lifeboat Crew’s Saturday Afternoon was interrupted by the sound of their pagers for the 12th time this year.

At 17.14, Milford Haven Coastguard paged the Lifeboat Crew after a 999 call from a dog owner on Brean Down. A dog had fallen from a cliff into the sea.

D-696 “Anna Stock” and its crew made good speed to Brean Down and quickly located the dog. The Helmsman Andy Stone manoeuvred the lifeboat into a position that his two crewmen member could retrieve the dog from the water safely, and quickly, without putting themselves in danger around the sharp and dangerous rocks. The Lifeboat headed for safer water before deciding what was best to do with the stranded dog.

The Lifeboat crew made sure the dog was in good health, despite a few scratches from his ordeal, before deciding to walk it back up Brean Down. The local Coastguard Teams from Burnham on Sea, and a very grateful and relieved owner were awaiting their arrival.

The Volunteer Crew headed back to Knightstone Harbour and recovered the D-696 “Anna Stock”. The Shore Crew made the Lifeboat ready for service once again and stood down at 19.00.

Crewman Paul Sargent said “This was a positive outcome to a potentially life threating situation for the dog.  We would like to remind dog owners that if this does happen to them not to enter the water, call 999 and ask for assistance. Entering the water has a extremely high chance of making any situation worse”

To view a video of the dog being rescued please click here.

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