RNLI Lifeboat Volunteer uses his skills in an Unusual Situation

The volunteer crew at Weston RNLI lifeboat station have extensive training in all situations that they may come across in their role of saving lives at sea. Sometimes these same skills are just as useful for non-marine incidents on land.

Chris Cox is a volunteer member of the seagoing crew at Weston RNLI lifeboat station. He is used to going out to save lives no matter what the weather and time of day or night. In order to help him carry out these duties the RNLI trains its lifeboat crews to a very high standard. Obviously they are highly trained seamen to handle their lifeboats in all conditions and they also have extensive, sophisticated first aid training.

Two days after Christmas, Chris was about to enter a local shop when he was warned to keep out as there was a distressed 18 year old girl inside who had a knife. Rather than walk away Chris offered to do what he could to help. He took time to talk to the lady concerned, who was clearly distressed and suffering with a severe mental illness. Chris gained her trust and after a while managed to calmed her down. The police arrived around 25 minutes later and asked him to continue negotiating with her as they had no luck due to her becoming more agitated by the police presence. Shortly after the lady became anxious and got up from her crouched position brandishing the knife. As the police came forward to detain her she fell to the floor and then seemed to develop trouble breathing. The police, knowing that Chris was trained in casualty care, asked him to help her while they called for an ambulance. Chris used his RNLI training to monitor her status and her breathing eventually improved. She sat up and Chris continued to reassure her and comfort her until the fast response medic arrived another 25 mins later.

Richard Spindler. Lifeboat Operations Manager at Weston RNLI station said;’Coxy, in the true spirit of the RNLI stepped in in someone’s hour of need, not once but twice, and all within the space of an hour. I know I speak for the whole team at Weston Lifeboat Station when I congratulate Chris and express my pride in him for the actions he took that afternoon. Well done!!

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