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YMCA Weston-super-Mare

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The historic YMCA Weston-super-Mare building has been an established part of the Town since 1884. Since then it has been offering activities and support to the local community. Following a large scale refurbishment in 2014 YMCA W-s-M is a hub for a number of services ranging from young persons housing to youth based activities. The building is available to hire, whether it is a party in the main café space or a meeting in our formal room.

The YMCA has also recently taken over the youth centre on the Bournville. This space is used predominately for youth services. It is also available for hire, commonly chosen for its large sports hall space and meeting rooms. 

Youth Café

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The Youth Café is a safe, open space, that is open 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). The café is dedicated to young people aged 8 to 17 years old, however it welcomes young people who are under 8 years old and supervised by an adult. The YMCA is funded by Weston-super-Mare Town Council and continues a commitment they have made to offer services for young people that stretches over 10 years. The café offers extended opening hours during school holidays, whilst also offering fun and varied activities.

The Youth Café aims:

  • That every young person should feel safe and welcome
  • That every young person should have someone they can talk to and access to support
  • That every young person should have the chance to have fun, achieve and reach their full potential

What to expect

There is not an exact split between the different groups that we work with in terms of age. However much of the work we do is planned with the age of the young people in mind. Young people will determine themselves what is right for them.

  • Under8 @ YMCA - Young children who are under 8 years old are welcome to use our facilities when accompanied by an adult family member.
  • Early @ YMCA - Children and young people aged 8 – 12 are the younger group that we work with directly. The work we do with these age groups is designed to be fun, encouraging them to participate and build their confidence. The activities are based upon them developing new skills and building upon existing ones.
  • Later @ YMCA - Young People aged 12 – 18 years old are the older age grouping that we work with. The activities are also designed to be fun and engaging, allowing the young persons to build their confidence in social situations. The activities will also encourage the young people to develop their communication skills further, preparing them for the next stages in their life. We aim to offer these young people access to support, this allows them to develop their own ideas and to progress with their transition into adulthood.  Weston-super-Mare Youth Council also relates directly to this age group.

More information on Youth Activities.

Youth Council

Interested in becoming a Youth Councillor? Join their Facebook group: Youth Council Weston-super-Mare

What is the Youth Council?

YMCA Weston manages the Weston-super-Mare Youth Council on behalf of the Town Council. The Youth Council was established by the Town Council in 2000 and has achieved a number of significant successes for young people in the local area.

The work of the Youth Council in the past has been essential to the foundation of providing facilities for young people such as Barcode Youth Café and Hutton Moor Skate-Park. As well as distributing grant funding to organisations working with young people and working to fundraise and support the work of Charities such as Phoenix Carers Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support. The Youth Council regularly review their progress and write about what they get up to in the Mercury.

The Youth Council enables young people aged 11-18 who either live or attend school or college in Weston-super-Mare to have a voice and represent their views and the views of their peers on subjects that matter to young people. Youth Councillors are encouraged to use their energy to affect change in a way that they believe in and build their confidence and capability as a group and as individuals.

Young people involved in the Youth Council can expect to gain experience of decision-making and planning, learn about democratic process, improve their advocacy, communication and teamwork skills. Youth Councillors will also have a chance to practice their journalism skills with their monthly entries in the Mercury. They also have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their local community. Experience with the Youth Council has proved beneficial in supporting young people in their applications to Higher Education and employment.

The Youth Council meet once a month to discuss news, plans, projects and grants. These meetings typically happen on a Friday afternoon in the YMCA Youth Café. The Youth Council are always recruiting and looking for more like-minded young people to join. If you’re interested in joining the Youth Council you can call 01934 629787, come into the youth café and ask a member of staff or alternatively, you can email

Youth Councillor’s Pledge:

  • Prove that young people are valued and can make a difference.
  • Act as a representative of young people and will voice opinions honestly and with consideration support the quality of life and opportunities of all young people in Weston-super-Mare, and encourage their participation and citizenship.

YMCA Community Cafe

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When the facility is not used for its primary Youth Café purpose, we aim to utilise its value and benefits to the local community. For example, out gym is always open during the café opening times and is available for anybody over 14 years of age to use. We have a meeting room that is available for hire at a competitive price. We also have children and young people’s party packages available.

More information on Community Activities.

YMCA Fitness Suite

The YMCA was refurbished in 2014. This refurbishment saw a new fitness suite becoming one of the facilities we offer with our Youth Café. Our gym is available to anybody above the age of 14 and any ability.

All of our fitness suite members must first take part in an induction with our trained member of staff. This allows the user to become confident with the gym, it’s equipment and how they can achieve the best results for themselves. Each gym user can also have a work out plan made up for them if they wish to, to help them achieve their fitness goals. The fitness suite is open during café opening times.

Our prices are competitive and we offer both ‘pay as you go’ and ‘pay monthly’ schemes. Our pay monthly schemes aren’t a rolling contract so you are in full control of when your membership.

Fitness Suite Prices:

  • Pay As You Go (14-17 year olds): £2.25
  • Pay Monthly (14-17 year olds): £9.00
  • Induction (14-17 year olds): £8.00
  • Pay As You Go (18+): £3.75
  • Pay Monthly (18+): £15.00 
  • Induction (18+): £12.00

To find out more about the fitness suite or to join, pop into the Youth Café or call us on: 01934 629787. Alternatively, you can email:

Weston-super-Mare's Youth Centre

YMCA Weston has another site available for hires and bookings. This site is based on the Bourneville and houses a variety of facilities that are available to anyone for hire. Some examples of these facilities are: A sports hall, a large sports room and two meeting rooms. For more information about renting out one of our sites please call: 01278 726006. There is also a weekly Youth session that runs on a Friday evening from 5-7pm. This session is available to young people local to the site and allows them a safe environment in which they can socialise, build their skills and thrive.

Weston-super-Mare’s Youth Café’s Meeting Rooms

Weston’s YMCA Youth Café has a meeting room available to hire at a reasonable price. The Meeting room is available for short term or long term contracts. The room is perfect for study groups, staff training days, leisure groups and meetings. For more information you can call our bookings number: 01278 726006.

Party Packages

We offer bespoke party packages at reasonable prices. We have different packages on offer, at different locations. Examples of our part packages are: Roller Disco, Soft Play, Discos, Bouncy Castle and more. Please contact us for details and prices.

YMCA Working in Partnership

The YMCA work with a number of local community groups and associations including the Toy Library, Street Pastors and Weston-super-Mare's Skate Park Association. 

Contact Details:

Phone: 01934 629787
Alternatively, you can come into the Youth Café for more information.