YMCA Youth and Community Activites

Youth Activity Information

  • Choir – We have a choir that meet every Tuesday at 4:30pm in the café. The choir regularly meet and practice, with the aim to performing as a group and as solo artists. The choir also aim to perform at YMCA related events. Being a member of the choir allows young people to build their confidence, whist exploring their musical abilities.
  • Arts and Crafts – This activity runs every Thursday from 4pm-6pm. Each session offers young people a number of activity options that allows them to explore their creativity and experiment with different materials. All materials are provided by us and encourage young people to consider recycling used objects to create sustainable art. The session aims to improve young people’s confidence and creativity, giving them a social environment in which they can explore their personal interest and tastes. All work is produced to be taken home or used in decorating the café.
  • Youth Council – We manage Weston-super-Mare’s Youth Council on behalf of the Town Council. The Youth Council was established by the Town Council in 2000 and has achieved a number of significant successes for young people in the local area. The Youth Council enables young people aged 11-18 who either live or attend school or college in Weston-super-Mare to have a voice and represent their views and the views of their peers on subjects that matter to young people. Young people involved in the Youth Council can expect to gain experience of decision-making and planning, learn about democratic process, improve their advocacy, communication and teamwork skills. They also have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their local community. Experience with the Youth Council has proved beneficial in supporting young people in their applications to Higher Education and employment.
  • Soft Play Morning – The soft play morning is an event that happens once a month in the youth café. The event runs from 10am-1pm and is available to parents/guardians of babies and toddlers. The morning allows young children to play and learn in a safe, engaging and fun environment whilst parents/guardians relax with drinks and snacks from our tuck shop. The soft play is available to us from the Toy Library whom we work in partnership with. For more information or to join the Toy Library please contact the group directly on Facebook or speak to a member of staff in the YMCA Youth Café.
  • Drop In – During term time our Drop In hours are 3:30pm-6pm and out of term time they are 11am-6pm. Drop In sessions are open to young people aged 8-18 years old and allows them full access to the youth café’s facilities. Our café allows young people to relax and socialise in a chilled out environment. There is a range of activities available and lead by staff that engages young people and builds their skills. Alongside these activities, we have a variety of facilities that are available to the young people: pool, table tennis, xbox (with a selection of games), TV and DVD player, arts and crafts, sports equipment, our fitness suite and more. There is no entrance fee during these times and our café’s tuck shop is open and available to any young person.

Community Activity Information

  • Monday Night Social – The Monday Night Social is a weekly party that runs from 6pm–9pm on a Monday night. The evening allows adults who have additional needs to socialise, dance have fun in a safe, secure environment. Support workers are welcome to join clients for anyone new. Entry fees are £1.50, with the first entrance being free for anyone new.
  • Norma’s Fitness Group – This is a fitness group that meets every week on a Tuesday at 10am. The session is predominantly aimed at beginners.
  • Coffee Morning – We have a weekly coffee morning on a Friday at 10am. Anybody is welcome to attend these coffee mornings and they have been set up to allow members of the public to engage with one another. If you don’t like coffee then our tuck shop offers a selection of drinks and snacks.